Reliable Fast, and Affordable cPanel Shared Web Hosting

We've been a cPanel web hosting provider since 2003, catering to businesses that need a web presence and prefer having a host that also provides Web Development and other services. Our goal is not to host the most sites, rather we focus on hosting to good customers that fit well with our combined services.

World-class Data Center

Our servers are provided by Softlayer, an IBM Company, and are located in the Dallas Data Centers which are central to all of North America and Mexico. This ensures a balanced response and low latency, meaning your site is faster loading for your target audience.

Security and Event Detection

We actively monitor our servers and have set up alerts for specific events that can help to prevent or limit damage done by malicious users. As part of our proactive approach, we routinely ban IP addresses which fail any login in attempts. Some abusive countries have been banned outright from accessing server resources, but allowed to still access your website.

Speed Challenge

As most shared hosting providers cram as many websites on to a server as possible, you might have 3000 neighbors all competing for resources. Worse, often a few bad neighbors cause problems for the entire neighborhood – slowing your web site down to a crawl.

Unlike most hosts, we do not host to anyone without first reviewing what they intend to host or are already hosting. It is vital to make sure that bad elements are kept out to maintain a better, faster, and more reliable hosting service.

Reliability & Uptime

As for reliability, our uptime has been consistent for years with 99.9% uptime.

Honest Hosting

There is no such thing as "unlimited", and any hosting company claiming to sell you unlimited bandwidth or space is selling snake oil. Read their terms and it clearly says that they can shut your site down without warning claiming that you are abusing server resources.

We don't play those games. All plans are limited to ensure that services are not abused. Read more about how we started and why we do things our way.

Redundant Backups

All sites are backed up 3 times a week, and available for immediate download. On top of this, all backups are stored in Amazon S3 cloud storage.

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